WHIPgroup Digging Deeper into Blockchain and ICOs

April, 20th, 2018

Building on our great first meetup on Bitcoin and Blockchain with UConn’s Philip Bradford, on Tuesday May 15 we will be holding Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto and ICOs – Practical Overview.  Our speaker will be tech industry veteran [Read More…]

Sec. 101 Motions: Patent Panacea or Plague?

April, 12th, 2018

By Wesley W. Whitmyer, Jr. Motions to Dismiss on grounds that patents fail to claim patent-eligible subject matter, so called 101 or Alice Motions, have proliferated like dandelions in spring.  It’s the defense du jour for alleged infringers lacking prior [Read More…]

WHIPgroup Wins On Appeal Reversing § 101 Rejections

April, 6th, 2018

WHIPgroup continues its success in reversing rejections under 35 U.S.C. § 101 before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Claims for a method of identifying a fault condition in an electrical machine were rejected [Read More…]

AI Analyst Adrian Bowles to speak at WHIPgroup April 17 Meetup

March, 26th, 2018

On Tuesday, April 17, at 6PM, educator, analyst, and author Adrian Bowles will present on Artificial Intelligence at the WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup. AI plays an increasing role in our lives as companies learn to [Read More…]

eSports, and the Power of an Established Brand

March, 6th, 2018

By Robert D. Keeler The next time you turn on the TV to watch the Olympics, you may see athletes with keyboards and mice instead of javelins or shot put balls. The International Olympic Committee recently [Read More…]

The Power of Aggressively Protecting your Patent Portfolio

January, 16th, 2018

By Dov Hirsch Just a few days ago, IBM Corp. sued Expedia, Inc. and its subsidiaries for infringing four of its patents. This suit comes only one day after IBM settled a patent dispute over [Read More…]

Death of the Internet. Really?

December, 19th, 2017

By Andrew P. Siuta On December 14th, the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality regulations that have been in place since 2015. The regulations prevented internet service providers from blocking websites or charging for higher [Read More…]

Federal Circuit Allows Computer Memory Patent

September, 19th, 2017

By Andrew P. Siuta In the recent holding in Visual Memory LLC v. NVIDIA Corporation (Fed. Cir. August 15, 2017) the Federal Circuit again addressed the issue of whether a new computer memory system was [Read More…]

District Court Illustrates How Specification Can Help or Hurt Patent Eligibility

September, 11th, 2017

By Stephen Ball At issue was a Motion for Summary Judgment that certain claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,960,032 (the “‘032 patent”) and RE41,490 (the “‘490 patent”) are patent-ineligible under 35 U.S.C. § 101. Intellectual [Read More…]

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