Whitmyer IP Group’s InventLab™ program helps promising tech companies with direct support and office space.  Selected firms will develop a foundation of Patent and Trademark assets to protect them from competitors, and position them for success.

WHIPgroup® travels the world to support the IP law needs of large international firms.  We established the InventLab™ residency to share our technology, business and intellectual property expertise with tech firms in and around our Stamford, CT home.

In addition to complementary legal and business support, companies selected for InventLab™ residencies will have access to premium glass-walled office spaces, high tech conference rooms, parking, Internet, a 3-D printer, event facilities, and a full kitchen.

Graduates of our InventLab™ program, receive e-certificates which are self-authenticating via blockchain.  Simply drag and drop the PDF certificate into a box on our website, and authenticity is immediately verified.  A deceptively simple use of blockchain technology, text is extracted from the certificate, then hashed and the authenticity check is made by searching for a copy of the hash which was originally published to the blockchain when the certificate was issued.  Change a single letter on the certificate and it will quickly be identified as invalid.


To apply for InventLab™ consideration:


Former WHIPgroup® InventLab™ residents:

NeighborhoodPal, Hanan Eldahry
“Virtual Tours and Insight about Places & Communities.”

Determinant Materials, Nikhil R. Gupta
“Recycle Your Used Electronics Locally and Wear Fashionable Jewelry Produced From Fully Traceable and Ethical Gold.”

Bloxiom, Majed Sidani
“Smart Automation Solutions for Banking and Financial Accounts.”

Encaptiv, Shannon Daniels
“Engage and captivate your audience, and convert them to customers, donors or fans BEFORE they leave the room.”


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