Whitmyer IP Group’s InventLab™ program offers local tech startups a suite of free services. Successful applications will not only receive free office space and all the tech goodies of WHIPgroup’s expanded office space, but they will also receive free IP legal services in support of their company. WHIPgroup tends to service large international firms, but wanted to share its expertise with local tech firms in our home town. Our recently expanded offices are ideal for just this purpose. We look forward to getting to know startup businesses in our area, and to helping them with their technology strategies and intellectual property needs.

WHIPgroup’s InventLab™ space includes high tech conference rooms, 3-D printer, glass-walled offices, event facilities, and a full kitchen. Startups selected to participate in the Invent Lab™ program will also receive, Internet access, conference rooms, parking, and access to other tech amenities.

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