Trademark Policing

WHIPgoup has devised a successful algorithm for policing infringements of its clients’ many famous brands. The script includes methods to identify infringing uses, and a series of enforcement steps designed to halt infringements in the quickest and most economical manner possible. Following its successful methodology, WHIPgroup attorneys filed infringement actions in more than a half dozen federal court districts and stopped several dozen trademark infringements in 2016.

After a third party persisted in alleging “sponsorship” and “partnership” with SUBWAY®, despite repeated requests to cease and desist, Doctor’s Associates turned to WHIPgroup to enforce its famous SUBWAY® brand against a third party and stop the substantial confusion of SUBWAY customers. WHIPgroup attorneys filed suit in the United States District Court alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition, and ultimately obtained a default judgment, including a permanent injunction and an award of attorney’s fees. The injunction allowed Doctor’s Associates to remove all infringing content from the Internet and prevent further infringement.

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