Time to Think Outside the Box: Foreign Patent Filling in China

July, 12th, 2018

By Hao Zhang and Patrick D. Duplessis U.S. inventors seeking to protect their IP rights worldwide often file foreign patent applications in markets where they conduct business or where they are likely to find infringers [Read More…]

Federal Circuit Prescribes a Treatment for § 101 Disorder

July, 3rd, 2018

The Federal Circuit recently provided insight into the complicated issue of § 101 subject matter eligibility for method of treatment claims.  In Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc v West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, 887 F.3d. 1117 (Fed. Cir. 2018), a [Read More…]

“Artificial Intelligence for Driver Safety,” at WHIPgroup Meetup, Tuesday July 17 at 6pm

July, 2nd, 2018

On July 17, the WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup will return to the important topic of Artificial Intelligence.  We will hear from the co-founders of Dreyev (pronounced “drive”), an interactive driving safety system that combines AI with [Read More…]

Privacy in The Digital Age: Is The Public Concerned Or Unknowingly Getting Burned?

June, 27th, 2018

By Robert D. Keeler and  Andrew E. Kerrick Innovation often occurs much faster than the laws required to address the new social concerns they bring about. Often, this leads to a disconnect between law and society. For example, laws [Read More…]

WHIPgroup’s InventLab Featured In The News

June, 25th, 2018

WHIPgroup was recently featured in a Stamford Advocate business article about it’s newly launched InventLab to assist local startups. Read the article here.

Outcome-Secured Litigation Financing: Offsetting Your Costs

June, 19th, 2018

By Christopher J. Stankus & Michael J. Harris Is a competitor infringing your patent, but you can’t afford the legal fees to pursue your claim? Or would you rather invest capital to grow your business instead of paying [Read More…]

USPTO Issues Training on Well-Understood, Routine, Conventional Activity

June, 18th, 2018

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued training regarding the recent holding of the Federal Circuit in Berkheimer v. HP, Inc. The USPTO Training clarifies the inquiry into whether a claim limitation or combination of elements represents [Read More…]

As Familiar As Your Mother’s Face: Hasbro’s Non-Visual PLAY-DOH Scent Mark Registers

June, 5th, 2018

By Christina L. Winsor On March 21, 2017 I reported that Hasbro, Inc. filed a trademark application for the smell of its famous PLAY-DOH.  Now, a little over a year from the application filing date, and [Read More…]

Pre-Appeal Brief Results in Allowance

June, 5th, 2018

WHIPgroup successfully used the Pre-Appeal procedure to obtain allowance without the need for filing an RCE or Appeal Brief. The invention relates to a covering for a dilation tool that can be used in endoscopic [Read More…]

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