IPR Petitions Collapse For Failure to Identify Structure Corresponding to Means-Plus-Function Claims

September, 8th, 2017

By Benjamin N. Luehrs On August 29, 2017, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB or “the Board”) issued a pair of decisions denying institution of inter partes review (IPR) because the petitioner failed to [Read More…]

Drawing The Line: Method for Managing Bandwidth Allocation Is Patent Eligible

August, 1st, 2017

By Natasha Rodriguez With recent court decisions such as Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International and subsequent cases regarding patentable subject matter, many practitioners are left questioning where the line is drawn for patent ineligible [Read More…]

PTAB Reverses Rejections of All Claims

August, 1st, 2017

WHIPgroup successfully obtained reversal of rejections for all claims in an Ex Parte Appeal. The computer-implemented invention is directed to secure joining of a computer as a node in a process control system without the [Read More…]

Weathering Hurricane Alice

July, 18th, 2017

By Joseph V. Hajjar The Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International unleashed a shockwave on the threshold for patent-eligible subject matter. In the technology center for computer software alone, the percentage of [Read More…]

Process for Remote Patient Monitoring Is Patent Eligible

June, 21st, 2017

By Andrew P. Siuta In Cardionet, LLC, v. Infobionic, Inc. the District Court of Massachusetts held that a claim for optimizing the transmission of patient data constituted patent eligible subject matter. The patent disclosed and [Read More…]

Can’t Avoid Infringement Liability For Overseas Deliveries Merely By Off-Shoring Manufacturing

June, 13th, 2017

By Wesley W. Whitmyer, Jr. In denying a motion for partial summary judgment that no reasonable jury could find “sales within the United States” based on Defendant’s products that are “ordered, manufactured, shipped, billed, and [Read More…]

Dislike v. Discourage: The Metes and Bounds of Successful “Teaching Away” Arguments

May, 9th, 2017

By Benjamin N. Luehrs A patentee can overcome obvious-type rejections by establishing that a prior art reference “teaches away” from the applicant’s invention. This argument is often difficult to make, however. Unless the prior art [Read More…]

Another Appeal Win for a Computer-Implemented Invention

February, 14th, 2017

WHIPgroup attorneys successfully appealed rejections for a patent application directed to data packet aggregation for wireless communication. In its Appeal briefs, WHIPgroup differentiated data frame encapsulation taught by wireless networking publications. The Board agreed with [Read More…]

WHIPgroup Rolls Out IP Cloud Services

April, 5th, 2016

WHIPgroup has rolled out two new IP Cloud services: IP Cloud Reports and IP Cloud Share. IP Cloud Reports allows client access to detailed bibliographic data on their IP portfolios including PDFs of registrations. IP [Read More…]

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