PTAB Reverses Rejections of All Claims

August, 1st, 2017

WHIPgroup successfully obtained reversal of rejections for all claims in an Ex Parte Appeal. The computer-implemented invention is directed to secure joining of a computer as a node in a process control system without the [Read More…]

Weathering Hurricane Alice

July, 18th, 2017

By Joseph V. Hajjar The Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International unleashed a shockwave on the threshold for patent-eligible subject matter. In the technology center for computer software alone, the percentage of [Read More…]

Process for Remote Patient Monitoring Is Patent Eligible

June, 21st, 2017

By Andrew P. Siuta In Cardionet, LLC, v. Infobionic, Inc. the District Court of Massachusetts held that a claim for optimizing the transmission of patient data constituted patent eligible subject matter. The patent disclosed and [Read More…]

Can’t Avoid Infringement Liability For Overseas Deliveries Merely By Off-Shoring Manufacturing

June, 13th, 2017

By Wesley W. Whitmyer, Jr. In denying a motion for partial summary judgment that no reasonable jury could find “sales within the United States” based on Defendant’s products that are “ordered, manufactured, shipped, billed, and [Read More…]

Dislike v. Discourage: The Metes and Bounds of Successful “Teaching Away” Arguments

May, 9th, 2017

By Benjamin N. Luehrs A patentee can overcome obvious-type rejections by establishing that a prior art reference “teaches away” from the applicant’s invention. This argument is often difficult to make, however. Unless the prior art [Read More…]

Another Appeal Win for a Computer-Implemented Invention

February, 14th, 2017

WHIPgroup attorneys successfully appealed rejections for a patent application directed to data packet aggregation for wireless communication. In its Appeal briefs, WHIPgroup differentiated data frame encapsulation taught by wireless networking publications. The Board agreed with [Read More…]

WHIPgroup Rolls Out IP Cloud Services

April, 5th, 2016

WHIPgroup has rolled out two new IP Cloud services: IP Cloud Reports and IP Cloud Share. IP Cloud Reports allows client access to detailed bibliographic data on their IP portfolios including PDFs of registrations. IP [Read More…]

WHIPgroup Obtains Rapid USPTO Allowance of Computer-based Claims Following RCE

October, 21st, 2015

After an unsuccessful appeal on a patent prosecution case inherited from another firm, Whitmyer IP Group filed a Request for Continued Examination (RCE), presenting a new set of claims based on careful analysis of the [Read More…]

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