April, 13th, 2015

In the underlying District of Delaware case, Pentair Südmo alleged that double seat valve products from SPX Corporation and SPX Flow Technology Systems, Inc. infringed Pentair Südmo’s US Patent No. 7,891,376, entitled “Double Seat Valve For Separating Media.” The district court litigation was stayed pending the USPTO’s reexamination of the ‘376 patent. The USPTO initially rejected 53 claims in the Pentair Südmo patent, but the PTAB reversed the Examiner on 52 of the 53 disputed claims. On April 8, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed the PTAB. Pentair Südmo will now resume its infringement claims against SPX in the District of Delaware.

The Pentair Südmo appeal team included Wesley W. Whitmyer, Jr., Michael A. Lavine and Michael J. Kosma.

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