September, 4th, 2019

On Tuesday, September 17 at 6PM, WHIPgroup will host Luca Bertuccelli, CTO of the Sensitech division of Carrier, at the WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup for a discussion on the future of global supply chains—a future that embraces a forward-thinking mindset around new technologies. Luca will cover topics such as:

  • Supply chain customer scenarios driving the need for new data infrastructures and predictive analytics;
  • Sensitech’s steps to determine the right technical architecture to prepare your business’ systems to handle big data;
  • Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for competitive advantage;
  • Challenges of managing day-to-day business while innovating for the future; and
  • The importance for tech leaders to move past “analysis paralysis.”

The WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup is held on the third Tuesday of each month. Our speakers are industry leaders with deep understanding of the most impactful trends in business, technology and science.

We hope you can join us at 6PM on Tuesday September 17 for an exciting discussion on the cutting edge of supply chain management. Register here.

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