April, 15th, 2020

Given the anticipated length of Connecticut’s work-from-home order, WHIPgroup is taking its monthly Tech Entrepreneur Meetup virtual on Zoom. The topic this month is “Hardware in a Hurry: Designing, Developing and Deploying on Dime.”

With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever before to get new hardware products to market quickly on a shoestring budget.

Beginning at 6:00PM on April 21st, serial entrepreneur and product engineer Nick Johnson will explain at the WHIPgroup Meetup how to:

  • Speed product development using on-demand electronics manufacturing, cheap wireless modules, open-source firmware and 3-D printing
  • Attract early adopters who are willing to spend money on products that may not be final, yet fulfill a need
  • Ship multiple products and earn revenue while iterating your products and building a loyal, trusting audience
  • Scale-up using vertical manufacturing without having to raise capital

Nick has held executive positions in several tech startups and as founder of Proto Ventures, has helped bring tech products to market for over 20 companies. The last few months he’s held the role of CTO at Intake, a company that aims to put lab-quality health measurements in every home.

We hope you can join us at 6PM on April 21st on Zoom! Register here to participate in the event!

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