May, 11th, 2020

In today’s world of fragmented intelligence, the value of information is lost in the time it takes to identify, organize and consume and optimal mix of information to make informed decisions. The calculus is simple: too much noise + irrelevant data + security vulnerabilities = unwanted compromise in actionable intelligence.

Our speaker for the May 19th Zoom Meetup is Bryan Feinberg of Plato Technologies. Plato eliminates intelligence compromise by organizing information by way of their proprietary data-validating vertical search engine and engagement platform. By layering information with highly contextual and validated data sets, Plato defragments data intelligence and makes it consumable and user friendly by identifying and organizing both public and private data sources to optimize access to vertically-specific data. The end result is more signal, less noise.

Bryan brings nearly two decades of serial technology & media focus and solid track record of both identifying and participating across the startup universe. His key focus areas encompass both investment banking and early stage company development and drives his expertise across multiple areas including Banking & Regulatory Compliance, Syndication, Intelligence, Wallet Security, Search, Machine Learning and Big Data. Bryan is also CEO and Founder of Etheralabs, a NYC-based Blockchain Advisory and Venture Accelerator, Zephyr Financial Technologies, and is on the Advisory Board of multiple emerging blockchain companies.

We hope you can join us May 19 at 7PM on Zoom! Register here to participate in the event!

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