June, 5th, 2020

How do you market something over the Internet that is secret for much of its life? This question has confronted business owners and inventors for years. Monetizing intellectual property can be labor intensive, high cost and largely reactive, resulting in many innovators not engaging in the market for their most valuable assets.

Our speaker for the June 16th WHIPgroup Technology Entrepreneur Meetup is Michael Miron, CEO of Ideation—a company seeking to solve these issues. Ideation provides a comprehensive ERP for managing IP that allows for marketing of IP without compromising its security. Among the many unique features of the platform is the incorporation of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), which enables search and analytics to be performed on encrypted data.

Michael has extensive experience in creating, building and transforming businesses, particularly those enabled or leveraged by information technologies. Prior to joining Ideation, Michael was Managing Director of M2 Advisers, an independent management and investment advisory service to information-intensive and technology-enabled companies. Before that, Michael was Chairman and CEO of ContentGuard, a digital rights management company he founded and spun out of Xerox.

We hope you can join us June 16 at 7PM on Zoom! Register here to participate in the event!

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