August, 21st, 2017

WHIPgroup has filed another trademark infringement lawsuit on behalf of its client Bruce Kirby, Incorporated (“BKI”) in the United States District Court of Connecticut, Case No. 3:17-CV-01389 (D. Conn.). In the Complaint, BKI alleges that LaserPerformance LLC, Quarter Moon, Incorporated, Farzad Rastegar, in his individual capacity, and Mr. Rastegar’s consulting company, Dory Ventures, LLC (“the Defendants”), are willfully infringing BKI’s BRUCE KIRBY® trademark through the unauthorized sale and promotion of a “Kirby” fishing boat. This new case arises in the context of a wider, ongoing dispute between BKI and LaserPerformance entities concerning LaserPerformance’s unauthorized use of the BRUCE KIRBY® trademark.

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