February, 14th, 2020

At the next WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup we will be exploring today’s TV landscape and what it means to consumers.

When veteran television executive Virginia Juliano saw the rise of OTT Devices (Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire) and services (Netflix, HBO Now and Amazon Prime) represented and created CobbleCord, a product that helps consumers create ‘personalized streaming bundles’ — the best collection of streaming services tailored to each streamer’s programming, device and price preferences.

The TV landscape has been irrevocably changed by the creation of OTT (over the top) platforms like and streaming services including Netflix, HBO Now and Amazon Prime Video. But did you know that there are now more than 300 in the field, roughly half of which are free?

Come to the WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup on Tuesday, February 18 to hear Virginia review the business models behind the new TV and how the CobbleCord platform allows consumers to get the programming they want at a price that makes sense.


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