December, 26th, 2017

January 16, 2018 Meetup: Breaking Down Cryptocurrencies Bit by Bit

Bitcoin? Coinbase? Blockchain? Mining? Sound familiar but still confusing? We make a living breaking down complex technologies into clear and simple terms. Join Whitmyer IP Group in Stamford, CT for a lively discussion on cryptocurrency basics, including a brief history, how to buy and sell, and the innovation behind the cryptocurrency system. Please note that this event is intended to be an introductory presentation on cryptocurrencies, and will only cover the basics.

The WHIPGroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup is dedicated to helping NYC-region entrepreneurs and technology leaders succeed through a combination of networking, tech topics and IP education. This meetup takes place at WHIPGroup’s offices at 600 Summer Street (3rd floor), Stamford. The event is free of charge and will include snacks and drinks.

Meetup and ignite your creativity with like-minded people. Entrepreneurs, business owners, brand managers, inventors, designers, tinkerers, and creative souls of all types welcome.

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