WHIPgroup Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

November, 11th, 2016

WHIPgroup attorneys have filed a patent infringement lawsuit on behalf of WHIPgroup client RegenLab USA LLC. RegenLab is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical and pharmaceutical products under the world-famous REGENLAB® brand. The complaint [Read More…]

P3 Program Successfully Used to Advance Prosecution

November, 10th, 2016

WHIPgroup was successful in using the Post-Prosecution Pilot (P3) Program to advance prosecution of an application for a medical manipulator system having a controller that limits use of a medical instrument when a usage count [Read More…]

Another Case Allowed Using P3 Program

November, 4th, 2016

WHIPgroup attorneys obtained allowance of an application directed to a control system for a melting and refining process. The application had received a Final Office Action that rejected the claims as obvious over a patent [Read More…]

Another P3 Success

November, 3rd, 2016

WHIPgroup was successful in using the Post-Prosecution Pilot (P3) Program to reopen prosecution for a case directed to a medical manipulator. After receiving a Final Office Action, WHIPgroup used the P3 program to argue that [Read More…]

Success with Post-Prosecution Pilot (P3) Program

October, 28th, 2016

WHIPgroup successfully used the USPTO’s new P3 program for an application directed to computer software for alerting an operator of a condition in an industrial system. The application received a Final Office Action that rejected [Read More…]

Initial Evaluation of P3 Shows Program’s Usefulness

October, 27th, 2016

Since the start of the Post-Prosecution Pilot (P3) Program in July 2016, WHIPgroup has participated in dozens of P3 conferences. WHIPgroup has successfully used P3 to advance prosecution of applications towards allowance without resorting to [Read More…]

Tracking The Impact of Pre-Institution New Testimony Evidence

October, 25th, 2016

By Michael A. Lavine At the PTAB, new testimony evidence (NTE) is evidence that was prepared specifically for the purposes of the IPR, CBM, or PGR proceeding at issue, and it often includes declarations from [Read More…]

WHIPgroup launches @PTTAB Blog

October, 24th, 2016

WHIPgroup is pleased to announce the launch of its @PTTAB blog, which will review and derive practice pointers from PTAB decisions in AIA post-grant review proceedings and patent prosecution appeals, as well as TTAB decisions [Read More…]

WHIPgroup Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

September, 28th, 2016

WHIPgroup attorneys have filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Syntrogi, Inc. d/b/a Qusp Labs (“Qusp Labs”) on behalf of QUSP Pty. Ltd.. (“QUSP”) QUSP is a global business in the entertainment industry which offers goods [Read More…]

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