October, 25th, 2019

At the next WHIPgroup Tech Entrepreneur Meetup we will explore the modern renaissance in aerospace, fast-prototyping and worldwide manufacturing resources.

Mark Strauss co-founded WaveAerospace from his coworking desk in Stamford in 2014, with an idea for a unique propulsion system that could drive a drone faster and more efficiently than any other aircraft in existence. From his laptop and with a sub-$1000 3D printer, he created over 20 prototypes. With refined designs and parts inexpensively sourced from around the world came the X-5a Falcon II — a new category of aircraft. If not for today’s technological renaissance of cloud-based laptop supercomputing, 3-D printing and international commerce, none of this would have been possible.

Join us Tuesday, November 19, for a discussion on drones, advances in science and prototyping and the existing opportunities for inventors ready to dive in.

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