June, 5th, 2019

While many Americans rely on generic drugs as an inexpensive way to treat common ailments, common essential medications can vary in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer and even batch to batch of, especially when a drug goes generic.  The team at New Haven-based Valisure saw a market opportunity and developed techniques and technology to make sure that each batch of medicine they distribute has been tested for many of the most important properties, like dosage, dissolution and contaminants.

Our speaker at WHIPgroup’s Meetup on Tuesday, June 16, is David Light, CEO of Valisure. A repeat entrepreneur who’s worked for several successful biotech startups. David is a repeat entrepreneur who’s worked for several successful biotech startups.  He will share his insights into the current world of healthcare and the opportunities presenting themselves to biotech leaders with the background and drive to get things done.

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Image credit: Kratom IQ

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