July, 15th, 2019

The Gallery WHIPgroup is a collaboration between the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery and Whitmyer IP Group in recognition of their joint dedication to celebrate both downtown Stamford and creativity in all its forms.

Curated by Fernando Alvarez and located in WHIPgroup’s high-tech IP law offices, the nearly 100 works on display represent more than a dozen artists from four continents working in three different centuries.  All mediums are represented from textile to stone.  The show includes metal and wood sculptures, sketches, photographs, and paintings with oil, dirt, and watercolor as well as extensive mixed media expressions.


The Gallery WHIPgroup is organized according to a system allowing both remote browsing by an interweb interface as well as in person browsing via QR code. Point your mobile phone camera at the adjacent QR code to generate a web link to the Gallery WHIPgroup start page.  Or if you visit our offices in person, simply point your mobile device camera at the artwork-specific QR codes located next to each piece on display to learn more about the work, the artist, how it has been curated, and what it means to those who live with it every day.

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