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    About This Piece

    17"w x 21"h

    Acrylic/Collage with found objects

    Living with this piece

    The artist brings together simple, everyday items in a way that is both inspiring and beautiful. For me, the color palette incites feelings calm and ease, while at the same time triggering strength and control. The subject matter provokes thought and sparks creativity by inspiring the viewer to challenge their perspectives and look beyond what may be seemingly mundane and illogical to find the possibility that lies within.

    Shannon D.

    About the Artist: Rex Prescott Walden

    The weather guides my work, and the journey begins. I strive to capture the colors, textures, and mysteries of the sea while providing a path for my audience to tag along. My use of measurement, and repetition help to weigh the progress of the voyage…..enjoy the ride.

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