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    About This Piece

    12"w x 36.5"h

    Acrylic/Collage with found objects

    Living with this piece

    This one makes me feel very nostalgic.  I almost cried when I first saw it because there is a deep sadness to it.  Growing up we moved across the Atlantic from our relatives and we had to write letters to them (phone was too expensive and the connection was terrible back then).

    This piece reminded me of that time in my life and that physical and emotional distance from family. I think it is my favorite of all of the art in the office, even though it makes me feel sad when I look at it, because it is so effective as a piece of art – if the intent of the artist is to connect with people, that piece has succeeded in my mind.

    Joan B.

    About the Artist: Rex Prescott Walden

    The weather guides my work, and the journey begins. I strive to capture the colors, textures, and mysteries of the sea while providing a path for my audience to tag along. My use of measurement, and repetition help to weigh the progress of the voyage…..enjoy the ride.

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