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    About This Piece

    42"w x 50"h

    Matt oil on canvas over enamel on a shaped canvas.

    Living with this piece

    Serbin’s artwork brings personality and style to my office compared to the plain green walls.  His artwork is very unique because it evokes a sense of mystery as to what the concealed portions would look like.  It is a constant source of inspiration when I’m working and serves as a great conversation starter when I have visitors.

    Victor L.

    About the Artist: Vincent Serbin

    The process of Serbin’s work is further thought of as indicative of the experience of the artist as a creator himself. In the creation of art there is always a giving and taking of oneself. The artist’s work lays bare an expression of the self for public viewing. Yet, it is not the full self, only an aspect that the artist desires one to see. It is a game that the artist plays with his works: at once devoted fully to their execution, but understanding the distance between their materialization and his own identity.

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