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    About This Piece

    59"w x 78"h

    Oil and acrylic on canvas.

    Living with this piece

    Filled with expressive passion, Fernando’s performance piece is a welcomed source of energy.  I had noticed the piece on display at FLAG and now have the immense pleasure of enjoying its powerful presence, which is constant reminder that while we work in pursuit of a greater goal, true Art, Love, and Play are done for their own sakes.  The pieces serves as a foil to my professional work and as encouragement to never forget the Art, Love, and Play that lie ahead.

    Declan W.

    About the Artist: Fernando Luis Alvarez

    Fernando Luis Alvarez is an activist, wielding his art as an instrument to affect change in his local community, uniting through his work and his gallery his joint aspirations as an artist and a philanthropist through Clementina Arts Foundation and The Spoon Movement. The lips in his work serve as each work’s focal point and are archetypal in how the set curves and bends to create a red bow. His lips series represent the inner strength inherent in all women. As a part of the whole, the lips become a mirror of themselves, re acting out that strength into the world. In this way, the lips are totems for the women they represent.

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