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    About This Piece

    46"w x 60"h

    Oil on canvas.

    Living with this piece

    It reminds me of walking among bare concrete, the heat of a setting late summer sun radiating from the hard, lightly abrasive surfaces, but also sleek, glossy, colorful, almost alien surfaces that probably would also be hot to the touch. The sun was hot that day and the intense light bleached the color from this place, but with the sun’s retreat, color slowly returns. I feel burdened by the heat but free to roam an expansive environment.

    William B.

    About the Artist: Jena Thomas

    Jena Thomas’s fictional landscapes explore the ways in which mankind alters the natural world. She is interested in how human beings idealize what nature is, and then use this as a basis to create artificial environments. Displaced human debris and manmade constructs such as pools, patios, and golf courses are featured prominently in her work and serve as visceral boundary lines between the fabricated and the organic. Rich color and surface texture attribute to her creation of a luscious otherworld where the imagined is entangled with reality.

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