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We work with agents and in-house law offices throughout the world to provide you with full control over your US IP. Scroll down for more information about our cloud-based IP law services.

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Madrid Protocol Trademark Applications

We carefully track your Madrid filing for office actions issued by the US Trademark Office. We promptly notify you of any activity related to your US application and will help you navigate any rejections or required goods and service description edits on a fixed fee basis. There are no surprise costs or hidden fees with our IP Cloud services.

PCT International Patent Applications

We carefully monitor WIPO publications and will promptly notify you with a web link to your case in PDF format. When it’s time to enter National Phase, we will remind you of the due date — all at no cost. Our National Phase filing strategy is unique and provides you with the opportunity to file any claim set you with. We encourage you to take advantage of the 3 independent and 20 total claims available at no extra fee for your US patent application. On request, we can provide a proposal to extend your US patent application. There are no surprise costs or hidden fees with our IP Cloud services.

US Priority International Applications

If you are a US-based firm or in-house law office, you can use our pre-negotiated fees and choose your own pre-vetted agents in your countries of interest. Just check the box on our IP Cloud order form and your cases will be expertly filed around the world at a fixed cost. You can work directly with the agent you choose for prosecution. There are no surprise costs or hidden fees with our IP Cloud services.

WHIPgroup Cloud9 US Prosecution

Cloud9 is for clients seeking full-service US prosecution for patents and/or trademarks. For a fixed monthly charge, WHIPgroup handles all prosecution for your existing US applications and also files an agreed number of new monthly applications. One monthly fee allows easy budgeting and WHIPgroup’s long experience offers peace of mind.

WHIPgroup IP Cloud Portal

Any case we file for you will be tracked with our cloud-based docket system and your portfolio details will be available online. The portal also allows you to securely review invoices and make electronic payments. A chatbot and call center are available to answer questions at your convenience.

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