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Since 2013, WHIPgroup clients Bruce Kirby and Bruce Kirby, Inc. (“Kirby”) have asserted trademark infringement and misappropriation claims against LaserPerformance due to unauthorized use of Bruce Kirby’s name and the BRUCE KIRBY® trademark on sailboats. [Read More…]

On July 12 Bruce Kirby Inc. and LaserPerformance and Quarter Moon filed supplemental summary judgment briefs on Bruce Kirby’s trademark infringement claims regarding Defendants’ unauthorized use of the BRUCE KIRBY trademark on Kirby Sailboats. That [Read More…]

Nearly one year after WHIPgroup and its clients Bruce Kirby and Bruce Kirby, Inc. succeeded in a jury trial involving the famed Laser Sailboat, the Court issued an order awarding over $5.3 MM in damages. [Read More…]

February 2020 saw the culmination of a 7-year long Federal Court litigation between WHIPgroup client Bruce Kirby, designer of the famed Laser Sailboat, and builders of the Laser, Quarter Moon, Incorporated (“QMI”) and LaserPerformance (Europe) [Read More…]

Last year Kirby filed a second lawsuit against Farzad Rastegar and LaserPerformance alleging infringement of the BRUCE KIRBY® trademark due to Defendants’ online offer to sell a “Kirby Fishing Set.” Defendants made this offer despite [Read More…]

WHIPgroup has filed another trademark infringement lawsuit on behalf of its client Bruce Kirby, Incorporated (“BKI”) in the United States District Court of Connecticut, Case No. 3:17-CV-01389 (D. Conn.). In the Complaint, BKI alleges that [Read More…]

Counsels clients in complex international disputes involving IP, technology and trade.  Lead negotiator in mediation/arbitration procedures, as well as lead litigator in numerous federal litigations at both the trial and appellate level.  Notably, Mr. Whitmyer [Read More…]

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